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the spanish verb DAR


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 The Spanish Verb Dar and Expressions Using This Verb

This lesson covers Spanish expressions using the Spanish verb “dar.” Many of these expressions can’t be translated literally to English, so I won’t give you a direct translation but I will try to say what you would say in each situation in English.

Me da igual/ Me da lo mismo: It doesn’t matter to me.

¿Qué prefieres para cenar, pasta o pollo? (Do you want pasta or chicken for dinner?)

Me da igual. (I don’t care.)

Time Expressions in Spanish


We are going to take a look at these expressions in combination with different tenses, expressing different ideas.

When we use: Hace + time duration + Present Tense, although the situation has started in the past, the action still continues.

How To Say I Should Have or I Could Have Done Something In Spanish


Many Spanish students have asked me how do you say I should have or I could have done something in Spanish. For example, “I should have made dinner reservations.” Lets take a look at how we express this idea in Spanish…

Thinking about learning Spanish?


Tips to improve

Be Patient!
Do not expect to learn Spanish very quickly. You can get frustrated when it does not happen that way. Take your time and not expect to be perfect first inning. Learning a new language should be tried in small, manageable steps. Congratulate yourself for your progress and try to avoid unrealistic goals set…


Paises y Nacionalidades

(Countries and nationalities)

Para presentarnos y decir nuestra nacionalidad y nuestro país de pertenencia, usamos el verbo “ ser “.   

Conjugación del verbo “ ser “ (presente):



Él, Ella, Usted ES..