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Practice | Herewegospanish.com - Part 2

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Ways to Learn a Language

logo pdfWays to learn a language

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This guide is for those who, want to get started with learning a language. It offers direction, motivation, and creative ideas toward this end.

Learn Spanish / Quiz 6

Como estan tus conocimientos de Epañol?

Descarga la Prueba # 6  ” Colores “

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?

Download the Test # 6  ” Colors “

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The Español Episodes

It isn’t very often that I come across something in the world of learning Spanish that truly impresses me, but recently I came across probably the best resource I’ve seen for beginner Spanish learners.

Have you ever heard of edutainment? I hadn’t until recently either, it’s a great idea and I kicked myself when I found out! You know how sometimes you find a show on TV or a comic strip that just gets you hooked? One where you just can’t wait for the next episode to find out what happens next?

Introducing…. ‘The Español Episodes: The Latin American adventures of Maria and Miguel’.

The Español Episodes are a series of twelve fantastic online episodes in an interactive eBook format. Every month you can receive instant online access to a new episode. Each episode is like a chapter in a novel. You’ll be left on the edge of your seat craving more Spanish and dying to hear what you’re in for next. Your journey follows Maria and Miguel as they chat with locals, catch buses, make bookings and do enviable activities – while you sit back and relax!

Each episode includes a complete interactive audio conversation in Spanish and in English, as well as a separate Conversation Audio section.
We’ve also included Rocket Languages’ amazing Rocket Record for you to practice and perfect your pronunciation. You can simultaneously be engrossed in reading the Spanish transcripts as the characters as you hear them speak to one another. You’ll be able to say the words and also just how the words look, how they’re spelled, and what they mean!

Read the Spanish transcripts as the characters speak to one another. You’ll learn just how the words, look, how they’re spelled and what they mean! Listen as our friends make bookings, catch buses, arrange activities, and chat with the locals. You’ll quickly learn to recognize exactly how Spanish is supposed to sound too!If you are planning on travelling I would go as far to say that you can’t go without this series. Try Episode One, and see for yourself. You won’t just pick up all of the essential phrases and words to use in your own adventure. You’ll also find out tons about the fascinating Latin American culture and pick up some amazing travel tips.

Your Spanish will take off rapidly. By associating your learning with an enjoyable and engaging story you won’t be able to get the Spanish words out of your head if you tried!
To find out more, go get your first installment of The Español Episodes.

Spanish Quiz 5

Como estan tus conocimientos de Espanol?

Descarga la Prueba # 5

How’s your knowledge of Spanish

Download the Tes # 5

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Spanish Quiz 4

Como estan tus conocimientos de Español?
 Descarga la prueba # 4.

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?
Download the test # 4.

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Spanish Quiz

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?
Download the test # 1.
Tomorrow we will publish the test # 2

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Download Test #1 / Printable Version

Learn Spanish While Singing

This song is perfect for learning Spanish. Is slow and has Spanish subtitles. I’m sure that you know it in English. Now Listen it in Spanish and enjoy it singing.

Learn Spanish

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