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Como Aprender Español, Spanish Grammar, Practice Spanish, Spanish Vocabulary y mas... | Herewegospanish.com



Herewegospanish interactive course!



•Exclusive! Four Learning Levels for Progressive Immersion Learning


• Immersion Learning System with Interactive, Real-World Conversations


•Advanced Voice Recognition


•Speech Analysis Workshop to Perfect your Accent


•Over 200 Games, Lessons & Exercises



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Herewegospanish course is an effective learn Spanish product that provides helpful computer conversations, tests and a variety of other features to help you acquire Spanish fluency.


When you start this course, you have the option of creating individual accounts for an unlimited number of students. This allows each person in your family a separate login and progress-tracking section. This is a great way to save money while the entire family is working at different levels to learn Spanish together.

Pre-tests help you gauge where your skill level stands, and post-tests assist you in determining where you need more practice. The computer conversations are quite helpful, allowing you the power to dictate the direction of the conversation as you converse with a computer-generated voice. This is not only fun, but also a useful practice tool.


Yes.!  For just a small contribution.
no matter how much you can donate.



The feature set is well organized and offers a variety of applications, including a convenient feature that allows you to select the area of language acquisition you would like to study. The game section, however, could use improvement; the only games offered were Go Fish and a crossword puzzle. With the addition of a few more games, this software would be far more fun to use. 

This application is an excellent tool when it comes to covering many of the fundamentals of language acquisition. It does a great job of incorporating pictures to aid in language development. However, it would be advantageous for language learners to have access to more writing and speech-recognition opportunities, as these help you retain the language basics better. Learn a Language on the Go Learn Spanish with beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons, as well as with vocabulary exercises, speech recognition, and fun games. Have conversations with native Spanish speakers in over 40 interactive, real-world scenarios

Real-World Scenarios include:

Taking a taxi.

Checking into a hotel.

Asking for directions.

Speaking with a doctor.

Ordering a meal.

Social events.

…and much more.


For just a small contribution.


Herewegospanish software was designed by language experts, who combined language-learning theories with proven classroom practices to develop an ultimate learning environment for any kind of user. The result is a rapid language-learning approach that is used by millions of people around the world.



 Move easily from learning useful words and phrases to exploring scenario-based conversations. Then polish your new skills with advanced speech recognition and analysis tools.

Herewegospanish course lets you spend your time learning the language, not the software. You can let the program lead you through the lessons step-by-step or simply choose the lessons and topics that are of interest to you. The easy-to-use interface will get you started right away. 

Designed by university language experts, is an interactive learning system that’s proven to teach you Spanish quickly and easily. With progressive learning lessons, speech recognition technology, and immersion learning, you’ll have everything you need to become fluent in Spanish. Build your vocabulary, practice real-world conversations, and perfect your pronunciation! 





Learn Faster with Real-world Scenarios! Interact with characters in real-life scenarios based on the most common travel situations. Converse with people in each scene and learn more quickly than any other method. Total Immersion Learning – Over 40 Interactive Scenarios As you progress through each lesson, you’ll use your new language skills to interact in real-life situations. It’s a captivating, interactive experience that engages you and keeps you interested. Practice & Learn in a Language Workshop! See it-Hear it-Say it! Fine tune your accent in the speech lab. Record your voice and use advanced speech analysis tools to compare your pronunciation with native speakers. It’s the fastest way to improve your accent and achieve conversational fluency! Build Your Vocabulary Build fundamental vocabulary and essential language skills. Gain the confidence you need to hold a conversation, ask questions, and interact in common situations.


No matter how much you can donate.




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