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Como Aprender Español, Spanish Grammar, Practice Spanish, Spanish Vocabulary y mas... - Part 3

Learn Spanish

Most people in the world are interested in learning a different language they speak. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin and English. Did you know that Spanish is the most spoken language in countries where it is not the official language? See More at Rocket Language »

Spanish Language

More than 500 million people speak Spanish around the world and is the official language in over 21 countries. So if you are interested in learning Spanish, You choose the best option! See More at Rocket Language »

Spanish Grammar

Formal differences between Peninsular and American Spanish are remarkably few, and someone who has learned the dialect of one area will have no difficulties using reasonably formal speech in the other; however, pronunciation does vary, as well as grammar and vocabulary See More at Rocket Language »

Spanish as a second language

Spanish is a part of the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several dialects of spoken Latin in central-northern Iberia around the ninth century and gradually spread with the expansion of the Kingdom of Castile (present northern Spain) into central and southern Iberia during the later Middle Ages. See More at Rocket Language »

Aprendiendo Español.!

Early in its history, the Spanish vocabulary was enriched by its contact with Basque, Arabic and related Iberian Romance languages, and the language continues to adopt foreign words from a variety of other languages, as well as developing new words. See More at Rocket Language »


Spanish Quiz 5

Como estan tus conocimientos de Espanol?

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How’s your knowledge of Spanish

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Spanish Quiz 4

Como estan tus conocimientos de Español?
 Descarga la prueba # 4.

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?
Download the test # 4.

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Spanish Quiz 3

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?
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Spanish Quiz 2

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?
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Spanish Quiz

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?
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Tomorrow we will publish the test # 2

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Learn Spanish While Singing

This song is perfect for learning Spanish. Is slow and has Spanish subtitles. I’m sure that you know it in English. Now Listen it in Spanish and enjoy it singing.

Learn Spanish

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50 Frases Esenciales en Español

logo pdf50 Frases esenciales en Español

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Descarga haciendo click en el icono las 50 frases mas comunes que debes conocer en Español.

Video: Juan Luis Guerra y Enrique Iglesias

This is a good video for practice spanish! enjoy it!

Video: Enrique Iglesias

Mira el Video y trata de seguir los subtitulos!



Paises y Nacionalidades

(Countries and nationalities)

Para presentarnos y decir nuestra nacionalidad y nuestro país de pertenencia, usamos el verbo “ ser “.   

Conjugación del verbo “ ser “ (presente):



Él, Ella, Usted ES..


Imagen de Vocabulario

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  1. Thank you / You’re welcome – Gracias / De nada
  2. See you later – Hasta luego
  3. Goodbye – Adiós
  4. See you tomorrow – Hasta mañana…

Go to Shopping

Go to shopping

This is a typical Spanish vocabulary for the names of different stores and shops in a typical neighborhood. To get to know the names of the stores and shops, we are going to imagine a conversation between a student new in the neighborhood and his roommate…