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How to sing in spanish

How are your Spanish skills?.
Watch this funny video and try to understand. They say “it’s difficult to speak in Spanish,” but I don’t think so. I think that it’s the way they sing .. LOL ..
Enjoy it.

download the lyrics of the song here

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To commands in Spanish


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To command in Spanish

Commands are one of the most common language functions in Spanish. So we recommend you pay close attention and complete the exercises carefully.

Commands are used when ordering, or telling someone what to do. This is often referred to as the “imperative” form of the verb. By now, you are well acquainted with the fact that Spanish has both a formal and an informal style of speech (“tú” / “Ud.”)…

Learn Spanish / Quiz 9

These are some resources for Spanish  lessons teaching about  personal descriptions.

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How’s  your  knowledge of Spanish?

Download the Test # 9 / Personal Description

Como estan tus conocimientos de Español?

Descarga la prueba # 9 / Descripcion Personal.



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Spanish-Speaking Countries

Hello  everyone!

This article has nothing to do with learning Spanish, but I wish to post it to refresh my website and show you the natural beauty found in my country “ Venezuela”, one of the more than 21 Spanish-speaking countries where you can come and practice your Spanish.
In Venezuela, the variety of landscapes has allowed for the development of a very diverse flora.Venezuela is one of the countries with the largest variety of bird species, among which macaws, toucans, nightingales, tourpials (the national bird), curassows, flamingoes, and a great variety of herons and parrots stand out. Reptiles are numerous and species such as the Orinoco alligator and other five different species of turtles and snakes, such as the anaconda, the boa constrictor or the rattlesnake can be found. The presence of vertebrates includes about 2,120 land species and continental species fish some 1,000 species.
In the Venezuelan coasts or very near them, parakeets, Rufous-vented Chachalaca, turtledoves, mallards and herons are abundant. The presence of reptiles is also abundant, since it is easy to find a great variety of sea and land turtles, such as the tortoise. Sea and aquatic fauna in Venezuela is characterized by the great variety of sardines and other fish and merchantable products.
In the Venezuelan jungles, the variety of fauna is almost endless, since the ecosystem in the region is humid in some parts, and dry in others, and it’s the perfect environment for thousands of species.

watch this wonderful video of attractive places in Venezuela

Spanish Grammar / How to talk about the future


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How to talk about the future

 There are many ways you can talk about the future in Spanish. The easiest is to use an adverbial phrase indicating a future time (such as mañana, más tarde,luego, a la(s) + time, and so on) with the present tense of the verb: mañana voy al aeropuerto (‘tomorrow I’m going to the airport’); luego hablamos por teléfono (‘we’ll talk on the telephone later’); a las cinco nos encontramos en la oficina de correos (‘at five o’clock we’ll meet at the post office’)…

Learn Spanish / Spanish Culture

logo pdfLa Fiesta de 15 años.quinceañera

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La Fiesta de quince años, también llamada en ocasiones Fiesta de quinceañera, Fiesta de quince, “Sus quince primaveras” o simplemente quinces, es, en algunas zonas de Latinoamérica la celebración del decimoquinto cumpleaños de una adolescente, el cual es celebrado de forma totalmente distinta a los otros cumpleaños.

La palabra quinceañera hace referencia a la propia chica que cumple los años


Learn Spanish / Quiz 8

Como estan tus conocimientos de Epañol?

Descarga la Prueba # 8  ” Presente Perfecto “

How’s your knowledge of Spanish?

Download the Test # 8  ”  Present Perfect “


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